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Sculpting A Simple Hippo Class

Sculpting A Simple Hippo Class

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Join us at Bonura Studios for an immersive and hands-on class in sculpting a charming hippo from polymer clay. Under the expert guidance of sculptor Elizabeth Bonura, you'll learn step-by-step techniques to create a whimsical and detailed hippopotamus figurine. This class is designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike, offering a comprehensive journey through the art of sculpting.

What You'll Learn:

  • Creating an Armature: Understand the importance of an armature and learn how to construct a sturdy foundation for your sculpture.
  • Sculpting Hippo Features: Explore the intricacies of shaping the distinct features of a hippo, from its adorable snout to its stubby legs and rounded body.
  • Finishing Techniques: Master the art of refining details, smoothing surfaces, and adding finishing touches to bring life to your hippo sculpture.
  • Display and Gift-Ready: Complete your creation so it's ready for display or to be given as a heartwarming handmade gift.


Elizabeth Bonura, an acclaimed sculptor with years of expertise in polymer clay sculpting, will lead this engaging and informative class. Her passion for sculpting and dedication to teaching will ensure an enjoyable and educational experience for all participants.

Class Details:

  • Location: Bonura Studios, 3333 CR 119, #17, Hutto, Texas 78634
  • Duration: One Hour
  • Materials: All necessary materials and tools will be provided.
  • Prerequisites: No prior sculpting experience required; open to beginners and enthusiasts.


By the end of the class, you'll depart with your own handcrafted polymer clay hippo, a testament to your newfound sculpting skills and a delightful piece of art ready to grace any space or make someone's day as a thoughtful gift.

Come immerse yourself in the world of sculpting and create a whimsical hippo under the guidance of a seasoned artist. Join us at Bonura Studios for an unforgettable sculpting journey!

Note: Class schedule, availability, and details may be subject to change. Contact Bonura Studios for enrollment and further information.

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