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Personalized Family of Five Sculpture with Older Baby, Toddler, and Child FO5YtTC

Personalized Family of Five Sculpture with Older Baby, Toddler, and Child FO5YtTC

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Celebrate the beauty of family with this exquisite sculpture crafted by Elizabeth Bonura of Bonura Studios. This heartfelt piece features a mother holding an older baby, a father cradling a toddler, and an older child front and center, embodying the warmth and connection of a loving family.

Elizabeth Bonura meticulously sculpts the original figures out of clay, creating a detailed and expressive representation of family life. Each piece is then carefully cast using a cold casting method that combines metal powder with resin, resulting in a sculpture with the look and feel of solid metal. The final touch involves buffing and waxing the metal to a beautiful shine, making each piece a stunning focal point in any home.

Personalization is at the heart of this sculpture. Choose any combination of boys or girls for the children, and customize their hairstyles and clothing for an additional charge. To make the piece even more special, opt for personalized engraving on the back of the sculpture.

This sculpture makes a wonderful gift for any husband or wife, especially those celebrating a wedding anniversary. Available in copper (7th anniversary), bronze (8th anniversary), and aluminum (10th anniversary), it also makes a meaningful birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, or Father's Day gift.

**Key Features:**
- Original sculpture by Elizabeth Bonura of Bonura Studios
- Depicts a family with an older baby, a toddler, and an older child
- Crafted from clay and cold cast with metal powder and resin
- Buffed and waxed to a high shine
- Customizable with different child genders, hairstyles, and clothing
- Option for personalized engraving

Perfect as a cherished family keepsake or a unique gift, this sculpture captures the timeless bond between parents and children. Order your custom family sculpture today and bring a piece of Bonura Studios' artistry into your home.

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