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Modern Maternity Christmas Ornaments of a Expecting Couple Personalized Pregnant Christmas Ornament

Modern Maternity Christmas Ornaments of a Expecting Couple Personalized Pregnant Christmas Ornament

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Celebrate your (or your friend's) pregnancy with a sculpted Christmas ornament of an expecting couple!

There is nothing more special than the love between expecting parents and their unborn child. This unique, handmade, expecting parent's Christmas ornament is a wonderful way to show the new modern maternity parents to be in your life that you know how special this time is for them and to celebrate their pregnancy. Not only does this ornament celebrate their first Christmas as expecting parents but it celebrates baby upcoming arrival! It makes a great pregnant mommy gift whether it's for a baby shower, Mother's Day, a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas. The aluminum finish also makes a perfect 10th anniversary gift for the couple or a gift for your husband or wife!

***Each ornament comes with a 2023 charm

HOW I MADE IT: I sculpted the original design out of clay. Then I made a mold of the original sculptured ornament. Finally, I cold cast the aluminum, bronze or copper and finished it with a metal coating. If you would like to add some personalized text to be added on the ornament, please note it may extend the processing time I need to create your ornament because I custom make each stamped by hand using a photo polymer process.

ABOUT MY DESIGNS: I create Family Christmas Ornaments, Anniversary Plaques and Sculptures all inspired by life, love, and mostly family! One key feature of my family designs is all the figures are connected and become one. I was greatly inspired by the idea of when a couple gets married, two become one. When I began to add children to my designs I continued the theme of connectedness by creating the children around the parents all emerging together.

ADDITIONAL ARTWORK YOU MIGHT LIKE: If you have a little more time before your anniversary or celebration, I can create an amazing cold cast aluminum, copper or bronze sculpture of your family! I can personalize the number of children on the sculpture and engrave a special message on it!

(Due to the different monitor settings, actual colors my vary.)

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