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Just The Two Of Us Personalized Christmas Ornament 2021 Contemporary Couple

Just The Two Of Us Personalized Christmas Ornament 2021 Contemporary Couple

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This year, celebrate the two of you with a contemporary couple's ornament! These ornaments are as unique as you are. They are about 5" long and come ready to hang on your tree. Each anniversary ornament is handmade so there will be slight variations compared to the one photographed.

HOW I MADE IT: I sculpted the original design out of clay. Then I made a mold of the original sculptured ornament. Finally, I cold cast metal powders with resin and finished it by antiquing with black wax. I use real metal powder bonded with resin to create the ornament casting. Because it is cold-casted, the ornament is lighter than a solid metal piece which makes it ideal for hanging on a tree.

Ornament stands are available for purchase to display the ornament year round. Please send me a message if you would like the one in the sample photo.

ABOUT MY DESIGNS: I create Family Christmas Ornaments, Anniversary Plaques and Sculptures all inspired by life, love, and mostly family! One key feature of my family designs is all the figures are connected and become one. I was greatly inspired by the idea of when a couple gets married, two become one. When I began to add children to my designs I continued the theme of connectedness by creating the children around the parents all emerging together.

(Due to the different monitor settings, actual colors my vary.)

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