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Family of Three Christmas Ornament with Toddler OrDrFO3T

Family of Three Christmas Ornament with Toddler OrDrFO3T

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Engraving- Year Charm

Family of three with a toddler boy being held by his dad. Comes with or without a year charm. Choose your finish.

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How I Made It:
Bonura's original designs are sculpted out of clay by my own two hands. I then make a mold of the original clay sculpture. Next, the sculpture is cold-cast with bronze, aluminum, or copper. ("Cold-Casting" is the process of mixing metal powder with a resin to create castings that give the appearance of solid metal. This method allows us to create fine art for everyone!) Finally, the sculpture, plaque, or ornament is finished by polishing and waxing by hand. This intense finishing process reveals the metal’s shine and highlights the details.

About Bonura Designs:
My family portrait sculptures, plaques, and Christmas ornaments are inspired by life, love, and above all, family. After getting engaged, I was greatly inspired by the idea that when a couple gets married two become one. This comes to life as the figures are sculpted into a connected image. Once I became a mother, I began to add children to my artwork. The theme of connectedness continues by creating the children around the parents all emerging together. Now as a small business owner and mother of three I am so proud to be able to share my art with you.

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