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Emerging Bronze Cold Cast Sculpture

Emerging Bronze Cold Cast Sculpture

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"Emerging" is a striking bronze cold cast sculpture depicting the powerful emergence of a male torso rising from the rubble of the ocean. Crafted by Elizabeth Bonura, this captivating piece was originally sculpted out of clay, meticulously molded, and then cast in bronze using a cold casting technique. To enhance its allure, a stunning blue patina and black wax were expertly applied, resulting in a mesmerizing ombre finish that adds depth and character to the artwork. "Emerging" symbolizes resilience, strength, and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

- Material: Bronze cold cast
- Dimensions: 20” tall
- Weight: 15lbs
- Finish: Bronze and blue patina with black wax
- Artist: Elizabeth Bonura
- Technique: Sculpted in clay, molded, cold cast in bronze

**Key Features:**
- Intriguing portrayal of a male torso emerging from rubble
- Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail
- Unique ombre finish adds depth and visual interest
- Symbolizes change
- Ideal for collectors of figurative sculpture or those seeking a statement piece for their space

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