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Custom Remembrance Sculpture, Angel Babies, Rainbow Baby

Custom Remembrance Sculpture, Angel Babies, Rainbow Baby

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Family Design

Forever loved, never forgotten.

Art helps heal. Many customers have told me having a piece of art created in honor of their angels has helped them with their grief.
The sculptures in the photo listings are samples of sculptures I have made for past customers. The sculpture you order will be unique, like the family it represents.

These custom sculptures are created using a cold-cast technique. "Cold-Casting" is a term used to describe the process of mixing metal (bronze, copper or aluminum) powder with a resin to create castings that give the appearance of solid metal. The metal cold-cast process is faster and much less expensive compared with foundry casting of molten metal (lost wax process.) Actual bronze, copper or aluminum metal is used in the casting. Antique white and black onyx do not have any metal in the castings.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have before ordering.

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