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Custom Family Sculpture Final Payment

Custom Family Sculpture Final Payment

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Custom Family Sculpture Proposal

I am delighted at the opportunity to create a timeless and cherished custom sculpture capturing the essence of your beloved family. My goal is to transform your cherished memories into a beautifully sculpted, personalized bronze cold-cast sculpture that will stand approximately 9 inches tall.

Design Inspiration:
The family figures will be inspired by the photos you provide, ensuring a representation of your family's unique connections.

Each figure will be intricately connected, forming a cohesive and heartwarming representation of your family unit. Personalized details such as height and hairstyles will be tailored to accurately reflect the individuals in your family.

Materials and Fees:
Sculpture Fee: $1,200
Mold Making Fee: $400
Casting Fee: $175
Finishing Fee: $150
Engraving: $75
Total Project Cost: $2000

Payment Structure:
50% Deposit Required: To initiate the project and cover initial costs. 

Remaining Balance Due: After your approval of the finished sculpture but before shipment.

Additional Sculptures:
Additional sculptures can be cast and engraved for $1000 each, allowing you to share this cherished piece with extended family members or as gifts.

Process Overview:
Initial Consultation and Photo Submission:
Gather and submit photos of your family members for reference.
Discuss specific customization preferences.
Design and Approval:
Design mock-ups will be created for your approval before mold making begins.
Approval required before proceeding with the mold.
Sculpture Creation:
Sculpt the figures out of clay, make mold and cast sculpture based on approved designs.
Finishing Touches and Engraving:
Final details and engraving will be added to the sculpture.

Final Approval and Payment:
You'll receive photos of the finished sculpture for your final approval. Upon approval, the remaining balance will be due before shipping.

Creating this unique sculpture is an honor for me, and I am committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with the final product. Your family's joy and memories will be beautifully immortalized in this custom artwork.

Thank you for considering my services. I look forward to bringing your vision to life.

Warm Regards,

Elizabeth Bonura
Bonura Studios

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