Elizabeth Bonura and her family next to the sculpture they inspired that won 1st place in the Georgetown Sculpture Tour

December Newsletter

Exciting times are ahead at Bonura Studios as we dive into the festive spirit of December with a palette full of new artistic endeavors and delightful achievements to share!

Learn to sculpt a clay Santa!
Learn to sculpt a small clay hippo!

**New Classes for December:**

  1. **Figure Sculpting with a Live Model:** Explore the beauty of form and anatomy.
  2. **Holiday-Themed Paint Pouring:** Create stunning seasonal artworks with a splash of color!
  3. **Holiday-Themed Hippo Drawing Class:** Unleash your creativity with these lovable creatures.
  4. **T-Rex Drawing Class:** Roar with excitement as we sketch these majestic beasts.
  5. **Sculpting a Hippo:** Dive into sculpting and shape your very own hippo masterpiece.
  6. **Sculpting a Santa:** Embrace the holiday spirit by crafting your own Santa sculpture.

**Celebrating Success:**

Elizabeth and her family standing next the sculpture they inspired!

We're incredibly proud to announce that Elizabeth Bonura's remarkable sculpture, *Babywearing Family*, clinched first place in the prestigious Georgetown Sculpture Tour. It's a testament to the talent and dedication that thrives within our studio!

**Special Sale - Limited Time Offer:**

To add to the celebrations, we're offering an exclusive **20% discount** on purchases of $55 or more! Hurry, this offer ends after Cyber Monday. Use the discount code **Thanksgiving23** during checkout to avail yourself of this fantastic deal.

**Artistic Essentials Available:**

Personalized Family Christmas Ornament

Don't forget, we've got a treasure trove of family Christmas ornaments, paintings, sculptures, art supplies and DIY Paint Pour Kits both online and in our studio. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting, we've got everything you need to fuel your creativity.

Join us this December and let's create together! Explore new techniques, unleash your imagination, and make this season an artistic celebration.

Warm regards,

Elizabeth Bonura

Bonura Studios 🎨

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