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Family of Four Christmas Ornament 2023 Big Little Brother Sister Older Kids

Family of Four Christmas Ornament 2023 Big Little Brother Sister Older Kids

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Introducing our exquisite Christmas ornament designed specifically for families of four! It's an ideal gift for those with two children and also a wonderful choice for individuals who cherish collecting ornaments that commemorate significant milestones in their lives. This ornament comes with a convenient metal hook, ready to be hung on a Christmas tree or displayed on an ornament hanger throughout the year (ornament stands are available as an add-on).

If you are celebrating an anniversary, the copper finish is particularly meaningful for couples celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary, while bronze represents 8 years of marriage and aluminum symbolizes a decade of wedded bliss.

Crafted with meticulous care, this ornament follows a unique creative process. I sculpted the original design using clay, then created a mold to reproduce the sculptured ornament. Finally, I used a cold casting technique to infuse real metal powder bonded with resin, enhancing its durability and beauty. Finished with a touch of black wax, this ornament possesses a remarkable lightweight quality that makes it perfect for hanging on a tree.

For those seeking an elegant display option, we offer ornament display stands like the ones featured in our sample photos. They can be purchased separately to enhance the ornament's grandeur.

Let me share a bit about my artistic inspiration. My designs revolve around Family Christmas Ornaments, Anniversary Plaques, and Sculptures, all deeply influenced by the themes of life, love, and, most importantly, family. One distinctive aspect of my family designs is that all the figures are interconnected, forming a harmonious unity. This concept was inspired by the beautiful symbolism of two individuals becoming one when they join in marriage. As I expanded my designs to include children, I maintained this theme of connectedness, illustrating the children emerging around their parents.

Measuring approximately 5" in length, this 2023 family Christmas ornament is meticulously handmade. Please note that due to the individual craftsmanship, slight variations may occur compared to the photographed ornament, adding a unique touch to each piece.

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