The Build-out Began in March

The Build-out Began in March

Before we could move into our new studio space, we had to do several things:

(1) insulate the walls

Before the insulation - metal walls Spray foam insulation on the walls!

(2) have an air conditioner and required duct work installed 

Look at all of that duct work needed! Duct work for the AC

(3) add drywall 

Elizabeth attaching drywall to cover the spray foam. James and my father-n-law on the lift installing the drywall.

We decided to do the drywall ourselves! This was such a huge thing to do as the ceilings are around 20 feet tall!! Everyone at the studio assisted in transforming the metal walls into something artwork could be hung on. I’m so proud of what we accomplished!

Everyone worked together to install the drywall! The front wall almost complete!
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