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Kids' Summer Art Camp (Day 2 Option) Introduction to Sculpting & Armatures

Kids' Summer Art Camp (Day 2 Option) Introduction to Sculpting & Armatures

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Intro To Sculpting And Armatures: 

Single-Day Kids Art Camp at Bonura Studios Day 2

Welcome back to Bonura Studios for an exciting second day of our Kids Summer Art Camp! Today, under the guidance of professional sculptor and studio owner Elizabeth Bonura, students will take their sculpting skills to the next level.

Day 2 Highlights:

  • Clay Sketching: Students will start by creating a clay sketch of the sculpture they want to bring to life using wax-based clay. This preliminary step allows for planning and refining their ideas.
  • Armature Building: Using their clay sketch as a guide, students will learn how to construct an armature, the essential framework needed for their polymer clay sculpture.
  • Polymer Clay Application: If time permits, students will begin adding polymer clay to their armature, starting the transformation of their ideas into tangible, detailed sculptures.

Day 2 at Bonura Studios is all about preparation and foundation-building, ensuring students have the skills and confidence to create stunning sculptures. Join us for a day filled with creativity, learning, and artistic growth!

Instructor: Elizabeth Bonura

Age Group: 6-14
Class Size: Limited to 6 students
Duration: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Snowcone Break: Enjoy a refreshing treat from Fairy Freeze (if they are open)

With the class size limited to just 6 students, Mrs. Bonura ensures that each child receives the personalized attention they need to thrive and create something truly special.

Register now to secure your spot in this fun-filled afternoon of art and creativity!

Instructor, Elizabeth Bonura

Hello! I'm Elizabeth Bonura, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share my love of art with your children at Bonura Studios' Kids' Summer Art Camps.

As a mother of three sons myself, I understand the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for young artists to explore their creativity. With a background in teaching preschool and third grade, I bring not only artistic expertise but also a deep understanding of child development and learning styles to my classes.

Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and combining it with my love for art feels like a dream come true. I believe in fostering a supportive and encouraging atmosphere where children feel inspired to express themselves and discover the joy of making art.

You can trust that your children are in good hands with me. I'm dedicated to providing a positive and enriching experience for every camper, and I can't wait to see the amazing creations they'll bring to life during our time together.

Thank you for considering Bonura Studios for your child's artistic journey. I look forward to welcoming them into our creative community!


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