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Roxolana Krywonos

Acrylic Painting Beginner Series (5 Weeks)

Acrylic Painting Beginner Series (5 Weeks)

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Thursdays 12:30-2:30 (2/8/24-3/7/24)

In this series course I will be teaching you some foundational painting and drawing skills to get you excited and confident about practicing painting independently. This class is designed as a beginners introduction to the different ways one can go about making a painting and does not require any previous experience. The goal in this class is not to come out with gorgeous pieces but rather to practice and grow your confidence in art so that you can build the knowledge and resilience to keep practicing outside of class. You will learn a little bit about how to mix paint colors but mostly we will focus on you getting comfortable with moving the paint around in a controlled way. As well as understanding how you can get a sketch on your surface in the first place and be able to start. All supplies are included. 

Who is this for?
Curious budding artists who need a place to start. Restless creative souls who don't want lessons to be too repetitive. Overwhelmed gentle spirits who are afraid to invest too much onto one methodology if they don't like it. There is so much variety in how one can paint a picture and I wish to transform some of that huge amount of information into bite sized lessons.

I will provide you with instructions on the different ways one can “sketch out” your image such as the grid method, graphite image transfer, projection, and observational drawing. I will also acclimate you to painting by starting you off with only black and white and adding one or two additional colors each class until you get the hang of it. I believe that practicing both in bite sized amounts will greatly reduce feelings of anxiety in art making as opposed to focusing all on one. It gives more options when one feels paralyzed about a project.

What will the class look like?
Each week I will have you make one small painting in class. I will have reference photos available for you to choose from. For the first hour I will introduce a new “sketching” technique and ask you to draw your image using this technique. Then in the second half I will ask you to paint in your drawing with Acrylic paint using a limited palette. The format will be the same each week but focus on a different approach each class.


  • (2/8/24) Week 1: 
    • Drawing method: Graphite Paper transfer
    • Paints: Only using Black and White
  • (2/15/24) Week 2:
    • Drawing method: Grid method
    • Paints: Black, White, Red
  • (2/22/24) Week 3:
    • Drawing method: DIY projection
    • Paints: Black, White, Red, Green
  • (2/29/24) Week 4:
    • Drawing method: Observational drawing
    • Paints: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue
  • (3/7/24) Week 5: 
    • Drawing method: Observational drawing
    • Paints: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple

Learning Goals:
At the end of this course my goal is to have taught you several different “sketching” methods as well as their pros and cons so that you are able to see what works best for you individually and your future projects. My goal is for you to get comfortable enough to keep going and to enjoy it because to me it is a terrible feeling to take a class and then feel incapable of that skill outside of the classroom. 

Class will be held on Thursday every week through February.
From 12:30 to 2:30 at Bonura Studios

Ticket price is $200 and it is intended for people aged 10 years and up (younger is allowed with approval from the teacher)

Artist Bio: 

The teacher in this class is Roxolana Krywonos, she is a local Austin artist who graduated from UT’s fine arts program in 2020. As a teacher she is interested in making information about art techniques accessible and transparent, as there are quite enough gate-keepers in this world. She enjoys painting in many different mediums but her favorite subject is portraiture. She describes her work as “a love letter to my subject”.

Instagram: @roxolanatheartist 

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